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If you are an oldie like me, you may remember the rather basic Dahons of 10 or 15 years ago. The Dahon range now is entirely different! Apart from anything else, the range of machines is huge, and changing all the time (which makes it difficult for us to keep this section up to date!). Their lower price commuting machines are at the very least very competitive with anything else at the price, and they have some outstanding machines at the top of the range. There's nothing wrong with the mid-range machines either, and they have some truly innovative models as well.  Whatever sort of folder you are looking for, the Dahon range should certainly be considered - but, as I said earlier, it changes almost all the time (possibly a criticism?), so we can't easily comment on individual models. If you can provide any more information on any model you own or have tried, do please contact us at [23/11/2006]


Long Distance Touring on a Dahon Speed TR
A report by Phil Chappell is available HERE.

The Dahon Mu P8
A test by Paul Franklin is now available HERE.

Dahon Hammerhead
We now have a report on the Hammerhead by Susie Jones. You can read it HERE.

Dahon Ciao P8
William Reid
has supplied us with a brief report on the unusual Dahon Ciao P8 - you can read it HERE.

Dahon Speed TR
Eric Mathurin recently completed a two week cycling trip in Cameroon with a Speed TR (2006 version). You can read his report on his blog at The Dahon seems to have acquitted itself well on quite an arduous outing [04/12/2007].

Dahon Vitesse D5
The Vitesse D5 is another bike from Dahon fitted with the Sturmey-Archer 5-speed hub. You can read Karl Wooldridge's report here [14/08/2007].

Dahon Curve SL, and front luggage system
Our eagerly awaited (we hope!) test of the Dahon Curve SL is now available. For 2007, Dahon also launched a new front luggage mount on many of their small-wheeled folders, and you can find more information about this in this test report - you can read it here [20/07/2007].

Dahon D7 Speed (2006 model) test report
Sue Jones reports on the 2006 version of the D7 Speed. [12/06/2007]

Dahon 2007 Catalog preview

The new Dahon catalog for 2007 is now available on their web site in the USA. It's an even more impressive publication that usual, with lots of background information and pictures of the revised model range. There are quite a lot of new models and changes to existing models, and the mini-bike range has been expanded considerably - though of course those models aren't folders! There are lots of models in the range that I would like to try. However, if there is one criticism of the catalog it is that there are very few technical details of the individual models. While the Dahon web site traditionally provides a lot more detail, at present this catalog is really a preview of what will appear in 2007, and the web site does not have the technical information on the 2007 models. We will have to contain our impatience until the 2007 models become available - based on experience in previous years, this may be a couple of months yet. [07/01/2007]

Dahon Jack test report
A report by Michael Alan Jones on the 2006 Dahon Jack - a 26 inch-wheeled folder, is now available - read it here. [05/01/2007]

Dahon Flo test report
We have now added a report on the Dahon Flo to the test section. The report was provided by
Christos Markou. The Flo is a high-performance 26 inch-wheeled mountain bike - very good at what it is intended for, but of course not so good at some of the other things that people buy folders for (eg commuting!). Christos is obviously very impressed by the Flo. [28/09/2006]. Comments from Dahon added 24/11/2006.]

Dahon Cadenza 2006 model
David Farr has provided a report on this 26 inch wheeled folder. [07/05/2006]

Dahon Speed D7
Eric Reed's original report from September 2005 has now been updated in the light of his subsequent experience - he remains very enthusiastic about the machine. The report is available HERE. [01/03/2006]

Dahon 2006 Range
The details of the 2006 range of bikes, accessories etc are now on the web site in the USA (though not yet on the UK site) - details at []01/03/2006]

The Dahon Jetstream P8 and a Rohloff hub
The first stage of the report on the Dahon Jetstream P8, and the Rohloff hub which I've just had fitted to it, is now available. At this point there are no photos, but I'll be updating the report on a regular basis over the next few days and weeks. You can follow the report here. [19/07/2005]

Dahon Matrix-V
Geoff Dabbs provides a very favourable report on the Dahon Matrix-V - a 26 inch wheeled folder. Read all about it here. [01/03/2005]. This report was updated on 26 May 2005 to include more experience with the bike. [26/05/2005]

When is a Dahon not a Dahon?
We commented a couple of days ago that the new "Land Rover" bicyle range included a couple of folders which looked like badged Dahons, a fact later confirmed by Cyclemotion, the UK distributors of Dahon. In his email, Mark Bickerton (yes, the son of Harry Bickerton, designer of the pioneering Bickerton folder, if there are any readers who didn't know that!) of Cyclemotion reminded me that their web site contains information on some other names under which Dahons are sold in the UK - the link is This isn't new, but may be of interest to readers. [14/12/2004]

The Dahon Matrix
Colin Tulleth reports on his experience with the Matrix - a less highly specified folding 26 inch wheeler, which shares the frame of the Zero G - read the report here. [12/09/2004]

The Dahon Zero G
Our test report on this high performance 26-inch wheeled folding mountain bike is now available - read it here. [04/08/2004]

Full report on the Dahon Jetstream XP now available
The full report on the Dahon Jetstream XP is now available for you to read - a great bike! [22/07/2004]

The Dahon Jetstream XP - first part of the test report
I've had this bike on test for about a week. The test is not yet complete, so a full report will not be available for 7 days or so. However, I rode it on a 100Km Brevet Populaire - one of a series of longer rides on different folders - on Sunday 11th July, and the report on that ride is now available, so you can find out a lot about how the bike performed by visiting that report. Overall I found it an impressive performer. When the full test report is completed, I'll provide a link to it on this main News page. [14/07/2004]

Choosing a Dahon Helios SL
Jacob Kite provides an in-depth report on how he went about choosing a replacement for his Brompton, and how he finally decided on the Helios SL. [22/06/2004]

Impressions of a Dahon Speed TR
A short report on the Dahon Speed TR is now available - thanks to Dahon and Rob Tomalin for providing this. [14/06/2004]

Coming soon ...
We hope to have reports on the Dahon Zero G and the Jetstream XP 2004 models soon, just as soon as we can get our hands on them (they have not yet reached the UK)! [21/04/2004]

Dahon Speed D6
We now have a report on this Dahon model - many thanks to Andrew Macrow for providing it. [21/04/2004]

Dahon 2004
Dahon have now updated both their USA and UK web sites to cover their 2004 range of bikes - better than ever. The UK version is not finalised yet, so for the full details you need to check some points on the USA version (though usually the range available here in the UK will be less than in the USA). Joshua Hon tells us that

"One particularly neat new component is the custom Stelvio Light that Schwalbe produced for us. It is custom not only for the mango sidewall but also for the Kevlar bead and 120 tpi casing (the standard 20" Stelvio has a wire bead and 67 tpi). That means that our version is even lighter and more supple than the the standard."

Last year I rationalised (slightly) my collection of bikes, but immediately after I had done this one of the key remaining machines (road bike) was stolen. I can't afford to do a direct replacement, so I'm looking for something suitable, and with the improvements made in recent years, it is likely that it will be a Dahon. At present I fancy, for some off road and general use, either a Matrix (simple, and modestly priced) or perhaps even the Zero G (sophisticated and light). For the road bike, the decision at present looks between the Jetstream XP and a Moulton fx8. [30/01/2004]

Speed Pro progress report
Back in April 2003, Geoff Dabbs sent us a report on his 2002 Speed Pro, and now, with another 9 months use, he's sent us an update - you can read it here. [05/01/2004]

Dahon Speed TR

We now have a very comprehensive review of the 2003 version of this bike by Andy Macrow, and enthusiastic owner [29/11/2003].

Dahon Helios 8 - a short report
Rhys Jones has provided a report on the 2003 version of the Helios - you can read it here. [20/10/2003]

Report on the Dahon Espresso - a 26 inch wheeled folder
Folders with full sized wheels are rare, not least because the wheel size inevitably means that the folded size is relatively large. However, there's no real argument that in more extreme off-road conditions, larger wheels do perform better than smaller ones, though under other conditions there is little if any difference in overall performance. Member Colin Walker has sent us a brief report on his Dahon Espresso, This is a 21-geared mountain/hybrid style folder with 26" wheels. I'd rather hoped to test a 26 inch wheeled folder myself last winter (which seemed the best time to try a large wheeled folding mountain bike), but it didn't happen. Perhaps this coming winter? [22/06/2003]

New Dahon Community Message Board 
We hear that there is a new Community Message Board at the Dahon web site - a good place to ask owners for their experience of using this popular range of folders. [23/06/2003]

Dahon SpeedPro Photos
We have published a number of very favourable reports by owners of SpeedPros in the past year, and now, courtesy of Andrew Teoh, we have some photos to go with them. [04/06/2003]

Dahon SpeedPro 2003 model availability
The 2002 version of the SpeedPro attracted some very enthusiastic reports from our members, but as a limited production run, some would-be owners were disappointed. Now we have news of the 2003 model in the UK - here is Mark Bickerton's news (Mark's Cyclemotion is the UK agent for Dahon).[19/05/2003]

Having been out of stock since the middle of 2002, we have a delivery arriving and we should be in a position to despatch from around 28th May. That delivery is mostly pre-sold (about 10 left at today's date), although there are some dealers who should have free stock....

Avon Valley Cyclery, Bath,
Gearshift Mail Order, Sheffield,
Ben Hayward & Sons Cambridge.

We have another delivery ordered, which we expect to receive in August. Again quantity is limited so we fully expect to be building an order book on this model.

Thoughts on the Phillips Boardwalk 6 - by Mark Thatcher
Mark Thatcher originally found his Phillips Boardwalk 6 rather low geared, but now that he has solved that, he's very happy with the bike. Read his comments here [19/05/2003].

New Dahon high-performance 20 inch/406 tyre
We hear that Dahon will shortly be launching a new high performance 20 inch tyre, which they claim is lighter and better-performing than the Conti GP. The information we have so far is:

So soon we will have a choice of 3 high performance tyres in this size - the Conti GP, Schwalbe Stelvio and this Dahon one. We look forward to the opportunity to test the new tyre, and will provide more information on performance, price and availability when we can. [17/05/2003]

Update on Dahon Speed Pro report
Nearly a year ago, we published a report by William Reid on the Dahon Speed Pro. This has now been updated to include a progress report after one year of use - William remains very pleased with the bike.

Models available in the UK for 2003 - we recently received a full list from the UK distributors, which you can find on our web pages here.

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