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Thoughts on the Phillips Boardwalk 6

By Mark Thatcher

When I first bought my Boardwalk 6, I was frustrated with the low top gear. Well I followed the advice given on the Folding Bicycle Society website to the letter and fitted a 7 speed 28-12T block. The top gear is still a little low, but certainly a significant improvement and my earlier frustration is a thing of the past.

Now that I've cured the only significant fault on the Boardwalk I am finding the bike both useful and a pleasure to ride.

The Aris Sachs block I fitted is no longer made, but there are still a few around. I sourced mine from a couple in New Jersey called Tandem Whiz, who build tandems. That's the power of the Web for you.

I'm advised that larger chainwheels can be obtained and that's obviously another solution. Someone else suggested a larger chainwheel would affect folding, but I don't think this is true.

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Last updated: 19 May 2003