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The Dahon Helios 8 (2003 version)

By Rhys Jones

I have owned the Helios 8 for several months now, and have noted the following points.

  1. Very easy to fold/unfold - you do have to be aware of which side of the main frame lock the cable are when unfolding - just push them left of the lock safety latch before you lock the main catch - prevents any stretching.
  2. On unfolding - the top frame tube has to be lifted slightly to line up and lock into place - very easy and prevents any scratching.
  3. The seat and handlebar height are very easy to adjust. It is essential to make sure the quick release system used is tight and secure.
  4. I have found the seat fitted to be very comfortable.
  5. The gripshift and rear derailleur are very smooth, and easy to set up. There is a bit of a jump between gear 1 and 2 - the rest of the gear range is fine, and the bike copes with all but the steepest hills.
  6. The V-brakes fitted are excellent - stopping is no problem.
  7. The mudguards (fitted as standard) work very well in the rain.
  8. The standard rack is ideal for fitting a rack-pack, but not ideal for panniers - the rails are a bit thick. You can obtain a touring rack from the importers - but once that is fitted you cannot fold the bike.

The bike has been used over long and short distances. It is very comfortable and reliable, and to date I am very pleased with it. It's a really practical and nice bike to ride, and very good value at 400.00.

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Copyright (C)2003 Rhys Jones
Last updated: 20 October 2003