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A survey of members' preferences in folders and separables

The survey below is based on what folding and separable cycles people who register with The Folding Society have told us they own. Not everyone has given this information, particularly those who haven't filled in the registration form on these web pages. If you haven't yet told us what you own, or the situation has changed, please let us know.

The survey will be updated periodically based on the latest information.

Folding and Separable Cycle Ownership Survey

Make Owners (%) Cycles (%)
Bickerton 7.7% 4.9%
Bike Friday 11.8% 8.0%
Birdy 8.8% 5.6%
Brompton 61.7% 42.1%
Cresswell 4.0% 2.7%
Daewoo 0.8% 0.5%
Dahon 7.7% 5.1%
Moulton 19.5% 16.1%
Raleigh/Montague 4.5% 3.0%
Strida 2.0% 1.6%
Other 14.2% 10.3%

17 July 2001

Total number of owners: 600
Total number of cycles: 961


Although quite a lot more owners are now included than when this survey first appeared, the percentages have not changed very greatly.

The owners figure shows the percentage of the people responding who owned a cycle of this make. The total is over 100%, since many people owned more than one make. If a person owned more than 1 cycle of this make, it was only counted as a single make/ownership. The cycles column shows the percentage of the total number of cycles mentioned by owners which were of a particular make. Note that if any owner has more than 3 cycles of a particular make, the number of these cycles is treated as 3, to avoid excessive bias being introduced by the inclusion of collectors, dealers and manufacturers.

The Brompton is still clearly the folding/separable cycle which is most likely to be owned by a Folding Society person, with nearly three quarters of all those responding to the survey owning one. The next most common make to be owned by those responding is the Moulton, but with less than half the numbers of owners than the Brompton. On the other hand, Moulton owners are much more likely to own several Moultons (they are well known to be addictive!), so in terms of numbers of individual bikes they are much closer to the Brompton. Although the Birdy cannot really be regarded as common, numbers have increased over the last year, and it is in close contention with Bike Friday and Bickerton for third place.

If you haven't yet told us what you own, or the situation has changed, please contact us.

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