Origami Phoenix Ride

December 12th 1998 - Mince Pie Ride

The Origami Mince Pie Ride passed off successfully on Saturday 12th December.

The very gloomy weather probably discouraged some people from attending, not to mention Mr Portly's Christmas Pudding ride which was timed for the same date. Nevertheless we had a pleasant gentle ride of about 15 miles, taking lunch at Fillongley, and consuming mince pies on our return to Meriden. As was the case on the same ride last year, my train journey to the event was enlivened by a Central Trains Santa Claus coming round handing out mince pies and sweets to travellers. The makes of folder represented on the ride were Brompton, Bickerton and Legano - most unusually for an Origami Ride there were no Moultons. Rather shockingly there were nearly as many cumbersomes on the ride as folders.

Despite the rather dull weather, it did not rain until just after the ride had finished - I got a bit damp cycling back to Birmingham International, and nearly didn't complete my plan of cycling from Smethwick Galton Bridge to Dudley using the canal towpath.

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