Origami Phoenix Ride

9th April 2005 – Hereford

For April we ventured into a different part of the country, Hereford, for a ride organised by Mark Singleton. For some of us travelling from the Midlands by train, the rail journey got of to a rather bad start. Dave Minter, Susan Barlow, Paul Evans and myself were planning to travel together, but Dave and Susan's train from Tamworth, which was meant to run through New Street to Hereford was delayed, and the rail companies decided to put on another train at the correct time from New Street, and terminate the one from Tamworth when it did get to New Street. As Susan had the tickets, Paul and I were faced with a quandry at New Street - get on the replacement train, and have to pay for another set of tickets, or wait for Dave and Susan, and catch the train an hour later, which was not due to arrive at Hereford until 11:19 - and the ride was due to start at 11:00. Actually, it was a fairly easy decisions, as by waiting not only would we still have Dave and Susan's company on the journey, but we would save money, and we would have wanted to wait at Hereford until they arrived anyway. A slight panic ensued though while we tried to find a phone number to pass a message on the those at Hereford to let them know that we were delayed. Happily the rest of the train journey was uneventful and the others delayed their start until we arrived.

Above: Waiting, not for Godot, but for the train from New Street bringing the late arrivals

Once again I took an attendance for to the ride, and once again forgot to circulate it, so my report on the numbers and bikes present will have to rely on my memory, which this sentence has already demonstrated is very poor! As usual, there was a good turn out, with about 15 people taking part in the ride. Bromptons are usually the most numerous folders on our rides, but this month they excelled themselves, with only two Moultons, a Dahon and a Birdy to provide some variety. Rather more people than usual arrived by train as well - 6 I believe. As Bromptons excel for train journeys, there may be a correlation here. 

This pink Brompton - a very new one with a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub, was probably the most eye-catching folder on the ride.

As we left Hereford, it was quite a cool morning, but happily it got a bit warmer as the morning progressed. We meandered through the outskirts of Hereford to get into pleasant countryside on our way to the lunch stop at The Bunch of Carrots at Hampton Bishop. Here we were greeted with a blazing log fire, which certainly warmed us all up. Good food, good service, good company and good conversation provided an enjoyable break from riding. The main topic of conversation was of course the impending Brompton launch event, and what new models, or changes, we might expect to see!

Dave and Susan enjoying the lunch stop. Note that Dave is showing off the Folding Society logo on his T shirt!

We emerged from the pub to find a few spots of rain in the air, but happily no real rain followed to spoil the return ride to Hereford. We timed the arrival in Hereford just right, and managed to catch a train without having to rush, and without having a long wait for it to set off either. Happily our return train journey went smoothly - at least as far as Birmingham; I hope the last leg to Tamworth was equally trouble-free.

Many thanks to all who attended this ride, and especially Mark Singleton who organised it, and found such a good (and flat) route, complete with an excellent lunch stop. Thanks also to Trevor Batchelor, who provided all the photographs this time.

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