Origami Phoenix Ride

8th March 2003 - Kidderminster to Kinver

Despite the determined efforts of the local train services, no less than 19 riders managed to attend the Origami Ride at Kidderminster on Saturday 8th March. 18 riders started from Kidderminster to ride to nearby Kinver for lunch - 1 gave up on the trains after eventually getting to Stourbridge Junction, and opted instead to ride from Stourbridge to Kinver, and then on from there to meet the main group at Wolverly, before returning to Kinver. Trains apart, the only problem experienced on the ride was on Chris Eley's Moulton ATB, which suffered a rather drastic puncture, despite being newly fitted with some very heavy duty Schwalbe Marathons (not the lighter City Marathon). 

Despite a very poor weather forecast, there was no rain until the lunch stop was reached, and even then it was quite light. Nevertheless, the majority of riders used the light rain as an excuse to take the shortest route back to Kidderminster - even Chris Dent taking the easy option on this occasion! Just 2 riders persevered with the long route, and one rider, disenchanted with the railways, decided to ride back home direct from Kinver. 

Bikes included Steve Parry's latest creation, SP Bromptons, (relatively) standard Bromptons, a variety of Moultons, 4 Birdy Resaaa nad a Grey, and a Micro. 

Thanks to all those who attended, especially Michael Wolf who came up from London (no, not Michael Woolf!) and Steve Parry, who brought his new SP all the way from Weston Super Mare. Many thanks also to Dick Hanson and Paul Evans for arranging this enjoyable outing - a change from our usual Meriden location. [08/03/2003]

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