Origami Phoenix Ride

8th June 2002

The weather first thing on the 8th June was not good, and this no doubt was partly responsible for the attendance being back down to 10 riders this month. The bikes included (in wheel size/portability order!) the Bromptons of Susan Barlow, Paul Evans, Tony Hadland and Dick Hanson, Hazel Hanson's SP Brompton, Rosemary Hadland's Micro, Dave Minter's Moulton Stowaway, now fitted with a new bottom bracket and repaired rear forks, Mike Roberts' Birdy on 17inch Moulton wheels, my Newt (Bike Friday New World Tourist),  and Ian Kellaway's large wheeler. Although the weather was quite bright by the time we met at Meriden, it was uncomfortably humid, and as there was still some uncertainty about the weather, and no one felt particularly energetic, we opted for one of our shorter rides, out to Kenilworth and then back via a loop through Burton Green, stopping at The Peeping Tom for lunch (where the photograph below was taken). This particular route has the advantage that if rain sets in on the outward section, or anyone is feeling below par, the Kenilworth section can be cut out, reducing the distance still further. Although some ominous clouds built up during the lunch stop, we got back to Meriden without getting wet, and indeed the cooler, less humid, conditions made cycling in some ways more pleasant. I clocked the distance covered as about 25Km for the ride - about 42Km total with my additional distance to and from the stations at each end.

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