Origami Phoenix Ride

12th February 2005 – Meriden to Catherine de Barnes


The February Origami Ride, on Saturday 12th, was a great success. 18 people did the ride, plus one other at the start and lunch stop, who was unable to do the ride. The vast majority of the bikes were Bromptons (10) and Moultons (1 NS, 1 Bridgestone, 2 fx's and 2 Stowaways), with just one Birdy and one V-CC standard wheeled machine.  After last Saturday's very wet Brevet ride, this was a mercifully dry day, but on the other hand there was a strong wind, which I am very glad that we did not have last week. Happily the wind was behind us, or we were sheltered from it, for the vast majority of the ride, and temperatures were quite mild. We followed a circuitous route to Catherine de Barnes, where we partook of an excellent lunch, before a short ride back to the start for the majority, or, for a minoirty like myself, a ride straight home or to the station. Leader Dave Minter found a very flat route for us - good news for me, as I was on my 'new' 2-speed Stowaway. Many thanks to all who took part - we had riders from as far afield as Bristol, Cheltenham, Preston, Manchester and Adstock - and especially to Dave Minter who provided an VERY enjoyable route. The only downside was the absence of Susan Barlow - we hope you will be feeling better soon Susan. [12/02/2005]

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