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The Folding Society and A to B Magazine

The Folding Society was founded in September 1993 by David, Jane and Peter Henshaw. The number of subscribers to the magazine, The Folder, grew rapidly, and so did the size of the magazine, until in July 1997 David and Jane decided that it was time to widen the scope of the magazine to cover a wider range of environmentally friendly and integrated means of travelling. The name of the magazine was changed at the same time to A to B, to reflect the change of emphasis. Although A to B contains many more pages on folding bicycles than any other available regular paper publication, and many more than were possible in the slimmer early issues of The Folder, and A to B has been involved in the running of Folder Forums, some people lamented the passing of The Folding Society. As a result, The Folding Society was relaunched in September 1998 at the suggestion of David Henshaw, but as a completely separate organisation from A to B, and with a different management team.

The re-launch of The Folding Society was intended to provide an opportunity for owners of folding and separable cycles to exchange views, meet at events etc. At that time, access to the web and graphical web browsers was not all that common, so in additon to creating a web site we produced an emailed newsletter called Folding Society News (FSN), which was produced every 2 weeks or so. However, by 2001 use of the web had become more common, and so we discontinued the emailed newsletter, and all news, reports etc now appear on The Folding Society web site itself.

A to B's web pages are at  A to B magazine has been available in PDF format as well as on paper since the end of 2006 - please see the A to B web site for more information.

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