Origami Phoenix Ride

10th April - Twickenham 

Origami Ride April 2010 Twickenham

The ride was designed to test the waters by bringing the Origami for the first time to the Nation's capital. In fact only one of the sixteen riders was a Londoner, but we welcomed Tilman from Germany (first time on a UK Origami but a veteran of a number of German 'Origamitours' as they are known over there) and the return of one-time regular 'Aussi Dave' with friend Judith. Machines included the usual mix of Bromptons, Dahons and Moultons, as well as three machines with extraordinarily large wheels (they may have been anything up to 700c!). One of these machines was at least redemed, however, by virtue of being a folder. In fact, I understand that this bike, a Strutt/Worksong in very nice condition and brought over from Germany for the ride by Tilman, is something of a rarity.

Twickenham Origami

The day was the hottest of the year so far and some people were caught out being dressed for much colder weather. We set out along the Thames path, which we followed until being diverted off it due to some work being done on one stretch. We shared the path with walkers, runners, dogs and other cyclists, and there were also other human-powered vehicles on the Thames in the form of racing shells and kayaks.


The ride was punctuated with a number of mechanical problems - mostly minor - but ride-leader Paul unfortunately suffered from an almost terminal bent chainring on his APB after an unusual manoeuvre (note, while 'APB' stands for 'All-purpose bike' this probably shouldn't be taken to mean that these machines can be pressed into service as BMXs!). This necesitated an impromptu change of leadership allowing most of the party to follow the planned route to the pub while Paul took a short-cut and limped on to meet the rest of the group for lunch. Emergency first aid measures were applied in the pub car park involving a former bike mechanic (Aussi Dave) and a mole wrench.

Change of leadership

After leaving the pub we returned via Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park, Ham common, Ham lane, through Ham village (and I had a Ham sandwich in the pub). It was noted that none of the riders were Jewish or Muslim! We returned to the North bank of the river via Hammerton's ferry (continuing the Ham theme). While waiting for the ferry, which was on the opposite bank and showing no signs of moving, it was noted that to go around would involve a short detour of about 1.5 miles "but where's the fun in that?".

Twickenham Origami

Interestingly, while the Twickenham ride was under way, one lone rider rode the ghost of a Meriden Origami past - you know who you are! More pictures in the Flickr gallery.

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