Origami Phoenix Ride

13th March - Syston / Leicester 

Origami Ride March 2010 Syston

Sixteen riders eventually met at the Continental Café. The start of the ride was delayed slightly as we waited for the arrival of two riders cycling from Leicester after having missed their Syston connection there due to a delayed train. Bromptons and Dahons predominated with 5 Bromptons (if you include one SP) and 6 Dahons (if you include a Specialized-badged Globe). Moultons were represented by Dave Chance's Mk III and Mark Singleton's New Series Pylon. There was also a Pacific Reach and joining the uprights were two Trice recumbents.


After leaving Syston we rode to the village of Barkby and on through Beeby, Scraptoft, Thurnby, Stoughton and Evington before turning towards Leicester via the one-time red-light district of Highfields. After re-grouping after crossing Leicester's London Road we road through Victoria Park and then via the industrial area of Putney Road towards the Walkers Stadium, home of Leicester City, known locally as 'The Foxes'. We approached the stadium around one 'o clock as the first Foxes fans made their way to the stadium, where their team were due to play Cardiff City at 3 (apparently Leicester won 1-0). We then left the traffic and dropped down onto the towpath of the Grand Union Canal / River Soar (these two waterways run side-by-side  occationally merging then splitting again as they pass through Leicester). This involved lifting the bikes to carry them down a set of steps - not quite so easy for those riding Trices!


The first and only casualty of the ride occured shortly after we had joined the tow path, when the ride leader suffered a puncture (it goes without saying that it was the rear wheel!). Although the culprit was not identified (only a large hole in the tyre), the tow path was liberally sprinkled in places with broken glass, necesitating carrying the bikes past one particularly badly affected area. We followed the canal for a short distance after it split with the Soar, passing through Leicester's Frog Island area (necessitating the negotiation of more steps) then rejoined the Soar to pass through Abbey Park.


By this time there were one or two grumbles about the delayed lunch stop so we pressed on past the National Space Centre and Abbey Pumping Station into Watermead Park and to The White Horse in Birstall for Lunch. The manager had set asside two tables allowing us to sit together as a group. The food was excellent, as was the Timothy Taylor Landlord!  More pictures in the Flickr gallery.

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